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How to Play Bocce Ball Video at Coco's Italian Market

How to
Play Bocce
Bocce Definitions

Blocking- placing a ball in a position to make it difficult for your opponent to get to the pallino or score additional

Banking- using the side rails to change the angle of approach to get around blocking balls.
Safe- playing a ball in a manner that will not have a chance to affect the point(s) you currently have.

Setups- placing a ball in a location so that you or your team mate can hit it into a scoring position.
Bocce Courts at Coco's Italian in Nashville, TN

throwing hand to maintain proper throwing balance.

2nd. Have the starting team stand within a couple feet from the back wall and throw the small ball called  the pallina
just about half way down the court,  the pallina can't be against the side or back wall.  Since part of the strategy can
be to move the pallina you do not want to throw it too far because then there is less room to move it down the court.  
Next  the same player throws the larger bocce ball trying to get as close to the pallina as possible.  If your ball hits
the back wall it is out and can not point, this is a finesse game of skill and precision, you are not hitting pins in a
bowling alley.

The first ball is considered "inside" because that ball is closer to the pallina than any of the competitors balls and the
other players are considered "outside".  The outside players take turns throwing until they are closer to the pallina
and now considered inside.

After all the balls are thrown the color that is inside is awarded the point.  The scoring team is awarded additional
points for each ball the same color closest to the pallina that is closer than their competitor, so you can get up to four

The first team to the desired points wins and games usually go to 7, 11 or 21 points.  To make it more exciting adjust
the rules where you have to win by 2 points.

Tactics can get quite complex when players have sufficient control over the ball and throw or roll it accurately.  As
you get better you can take more risks for greater rewards.

Remember a ball that hits the back wall is not in contention to point.  

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Advanced Bocce clinic
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