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Gnocchi Recipes From Coco's Italian Market

Our How to Make Cavatelli  (Looks like Gnocchi)  Video coming soon
with Cavatelli ingredients.  At the end of this recipe you can read the comparisons and contrasts of these two pastas.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can make the pasta with only two ingredients and a fork.  Use Equal parts Flour
and Ricotta Cheese.  This is the base and it is a great carrier for any flavor profiles you want to add to the pasta,
sauces or soups.

1. Empty the Ricotta Cheese container on your counter or in a mixing bowl.
2. The cheese container is the measuring cup for your dry ingredients - fill with Flour and a table spoon of salt.  
3. Empty into the bowl and start mixing with your hands or a rubber spatula.
4. Once it’s a dough ball let it sit for at least 5 minutes.
5. Take your dough ball and cut off palm size chunks.
6. Flour your counter top and roll the dough into snakes the width of your pinky.
7. Starting at the end of the snake use the teeth of the fork to get the length of the bite sizes, cut it and roll it across
your fork in one motion to give it grooves.  This is takes practice.   
8. Drop them in the boiling water, when they float (45 seconds)  they are done.
9. Fish them out of the boiling water with a slotted spoon and add sauce.
10. Garnish with cheese, add a protein and vegetable for a complete meal and serve.
Coco's Italian Market Recipe  Gnocchi
Gnocchi is softer because it’s made with made from boiled potatoes put through a ricer and flour and egg as a
Cavatelli is a product of Southern Italy while Gnocchi recipes are most common in northern Italy were milk was a
more common ingredient.  Both pastas are traditionally made by hand.  After the dough is rolled out, the long strands
of pasta are cut into bite-sized pieces and either rolled with a fork to give grooves or dimpled with a finger or pressed
part dry, the flour.  Do this by volume not weight.   Inversely if the flavoring ingredient is dry then add equal parts
moist, the ricotta cheese.

Below are some tips and suggestions,  Have fun with it and the more you do it the easier, faster, tastier and more fun
it becomes.

Try pan frying the gnocchi.

Make them with jam and plums.  Some regions of Northern Italy make a variation of these as a dessert.

Saut'ee with Broccoli in an Alfredo sauce.
Sausage and Butternut Squash in an herbed oil.

Here are two tips:
Salt your water as salty as the sea.
Save a cup of the starchy water you used to cook the gnocchi, you may need it with the sauce to loosen it up if it is
too thick.