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Click here for  a PDF of the Caesar Salad Recipe from this You-tube demonstration
Worcester Sauce 1/2 tea spoon per 2–4 ppl
Red wine vinegar table spoon per 2–4 ppl
Olive Oil added by site till whipped to preference
Romaine Lettuce cleaned dried and de-stemmed and ripped in half
Cracked Black Pepper
Parmesan Cheese coarsely grated

To successfully prepare this dish you have to consider several factors:  the order of
preparation, anticipation of how the ingredients will taste, how to blend then in the right order
and practice.

Start by emulsifying your anchovies and garlic between forks until a paste, spread through the
bottom of the bowl.

add the mustard to the side of the bowl

egg yoke (To prep bring a pot water to boil, add egg and cook for just 45 seconds....NO MORE.
This is coddling the egg. Remove from heat and let it cool off.)
blend and whip with your forks until a paste.

add the Red wine vinegar

squeeze the lemon between the cheese cloth into the bowl.

the Worcester around the sides

Add the oil to the side of a bowl very slowly and whip in till desired consistency.  About 1 table
per person served.  pull the oil into the mixture spinning the bowl and placing the finished
product up the sides as you continue around.  

Crack pepper around mixture as desired

Add your lettuce and mix

Cheese and mix again    croutons if desired

Caesar Salad Recipe From Coco's Italian Market