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Homemade Italian Marinara Sauce

Now you can enjoy the same exact sauce that my grandmother Lucy made for my family's restaurants in upstate NY
that were popular for decades.
The one thing I miss most from childhood was her cooking so I opened Coco's to pay homage to her and now we bottle
her sauce for everyone to enjoy.
Five main ingredients that are NEVER Dehydrated
Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh Onions
Fresh Garlic
Pure Olive Oil
and Lucy's Spice Blend.
It's so good you'll buy it over and over again!!  CAll Mike or Chuck to order it at 615  or 615 783-0114
Would you like to bring Coco’s closer to your house?  
Tell us about a store near you that you think would be a good fit for Coco’s Products.
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Coco's Italain Homemade Italian Foods and Frozen Pizzas

Enjoy My
There will be a temporay delay in Coco's Frozen foods as we modify our production facility.  
Thank you for you patience.
Coco's Frozen Veggie Pizza