Meet your Italian Tour Guide
and Chef - Gioacchino Passalacqua
Tour Guide to our Destinations in Italy with Coco's Italian Market
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Gioacchino Passalacqua
Gioacchino, Gio for short (GEO) is the co owner of Attovola  “at the table” a distributor of gourmet food
products from his native Italy.  Having access to both artisan producers and high-end users like fine
restaurants and hotels, means that Gio has a very personal relationship with people and places that the
average tour guide would be able to take his guests.  Hence a most unique, fantastic and unforgettable trip
that you will never forget.  
From an early age Gio’s life revolved around food, though his home is now in Sicily he grew up in the
Piedmont region where his father took care of vineyards.  
With his keen sense of quality foods and wines, Gio is sought out to consult on menus for fine restaurants,
wine and food pairing events and promotional dinners.  You could not ask for better epicurean to be your
tour guide.  He is liberal to share his knowledge with you and if you want to you will learn more about foods
and wines than you could have imagined. BTW Gio’s English is excellent.

NOW BOKING Four Trips to Four Regions of Italy

Umbria April 20th - 29th
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Gio in Modena with Balsamic Vinegar
Gio in Gaeta at a famed Bakery
Near Torino ready for risotto
In Rome with his tour guests
Gio as a guest chef in Michigan
Puglia Sept. 2nd - 12th
Sicily  June 12th - 22nd
Piedmont Oct. 26th - Nov. 5th
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Guided Tours to Italy with Coco's Italian Market
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