Meet Chuck Cinelli
Your Guide and Owner of Coco's Italian Market
NOW Booking Trips to Different Regions of Italy 2018
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Guided tours to Italy with Coco's Italian Market
Guided Tours to Italy with Coco's Italian Market
Guided Tours to Italy with Coco's Italian Market
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NOW BOKING Four Trips to Four Regions of Italy

Umbria April
21st - 27th
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Tel: 615.444.4160  Cell:615.463.0758 or
In a Ferrari Simulator
Another great dinner in Asti
The food was so good at this
restaurant in Roma that I asked the
chef for a selfie
In Gorganzola trying cheese
Puglia June
21st - 27th
Sicily  Oct
23rd - 29th
Piedmont Oct.
13th -19th
Having lunch with Gio i
With Bee Keeper Giacomo
Tours to Italy with Cocos to Umbria
What started off as buyers tours for Italian gourmet foods for our market has led Coco's to form a tour
company for italophiles like you like you, our friends and patrons. With Coco's it's like having a backstage
pass to Italy's finest; we personally know the best chefs and wineries for our enjoyment.  
Being a distributor of artisan products we have access to the most unique places that the average
traveler would never be able to see, such as chocolate factories, honey producers, bakeries, farms,
orchards, groves to pasta makers to name a few. Our tours are not typical like most travel packages nor
are they cookie cutter, and every day will be totally different, interesting and fun with enough time for
sightseeing and shopping. If you have been to Italy many times or this will be your first trip you will have
the most fantastic experience with Coco's.  We hope you will join us!!!
Chuck Cinelli, owner
Coco's Italian Market
Reflections of Italy
Sept 19th - 28th