A Note from Chuck Cinelli, owner of Coco’s Italian Market:  What started off as buyers tours for Italian gourmet
food distributor Attavola, a has led to a tour company for the friends, and patrons of the gourmet markets that they
serve  Attavola being a distributor of artisan products has access to the most unique places that the average
traveler would never be able to see such as chocolate factories, honey producers, bakeries and pasta facilities to
name a few.  Also being a national distributor they personally know the best chefs and wineries for our
enjoyment.  The tours are never generic nor are they cookie cutter, every day will be different with enough time for
sightseeing and shopping.  I’ve been to Italy many times but I have never had an experience like traveling with our
host and co owner of Attavola, Gioacchino Passalacqua.  This is his 12th year as a travel guide and everything is
very well planned, trust me you will love every minute of it.  
Email me personaly for tour info at chuck@cafecoco.com
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Umbria Tour  April 20th - 29th 2017

So, why Umbria?  It has all the charms of Tuscany, but far fewer tourists.
A lot of people travel to Tuscany thinking that they’ll be the only foreigners, only to find themselves elbow to elbow with
dozens of shuffling tour groups in San Gimignano or Cortona.  Tuscany is magical, but parts of it feel like Italian
Disneyland these days.
Travel to Umbria and you’ll experience all of the beauty, all of the charm, and all of the deliciousness of Tuscany —
with fewer crowds and less price-gouging.

All of the town you will visit in Umbria are lovely, photogenic . lovely.  Gubbio, Perugia, Massa Martana, Assisi, Spello,
Norci.  These towns are a good visit for first-time Italy travelers, with tourist attractions and plenty of English speakers.  
And LOTS of delicious food, of course!  Imagine plate after plate of fresh foods, cured meats, a giant mound of fresh
ricotta, tons of vegetables picked from the dirt that day.  

If you’re planning a trip to Italy for the first time, consider taking the Umbrian with Coco’s
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Guided Tours to Italy with Coco's Italian Market
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