Piedmont Lombardi Tour   

Piedmont, Italy, a Fodor's Go List destination, . Whether you’re looking to indulge in great wine, experience
culture, or just want what every traveler desires in Italy—amazing foods and our own personal guide who
grew up in the area, Piedmont can’t be missed.

WINES  From Nebbiolo to Moscato, there are varieties for every wine drinker in Piedmont—and very good
ones at that. Whether you’re an occasional wine drinker or an oenophile, the region lives up to its wine

TRUFFLES  As if wine isn’t tempting enough, the region’s abundance of truffles will make the foodie in you
salivate. We will go truffle hunting with a trained dog and celebrate our finds with great wine at Tenuta La
Tenaglia Company

Even if Piedmont didn’t have great wine and food, travelers would fall in love with the area’s countryside,
which was recently granted UNESCO World Heritage status. The sprawling vineyards go on forever, and
medieval villages seem to pop up out of nowhere.

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