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(Carlo) Cinelli
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If you are planning a trip to Italy and you want minimal hassle and maximum efficiency, no surprises or long tourists lines. If you
want to experience Italy like and insider?
Then you need a travel with Coco's for unparalleled on-the-ground connections
and expertise with our friends who live there. It's like traveling with your Italian Cousin (hardly just "guides").

Take advantage of my contacts in Italy and let us help you make you Italian vacation dreams come true. Coco's
Travel can add to your existing vacation or help you plan the whole excursion. Because Italy is equally astonishing
as itis challenging to travel in let us help you with transportation to and from airports and hotels, daily excursions with
English speaking tour guides, hotel, restaurant and wine recommendations, cooking classes, etc.

We can be as flexible as you want, this is going to be your magical trip so take advantage of the connections that I
have made with Coco's Italian Market and have a truly remarkable experience of Italy.

Buon Viaggio,
Chuck Cinelli  
Coco’s Provides Private & Small-Group Tours to Italy
NOW Booking Trips to Seven Regions of Italy 2018
NOW Booking Trips to Different Regions of Italy 2018
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Guided tours to Italy with Coco's Italian Market
Guided Tours to Italy with Coco's Italian Market
Guided Tours to Italy with Coco's Italian Market
Umbria April
21st - 27th
Puglia June
21st - 27th
Sicily  Oct
23rd - 29th
Piedmont Oct.
13th -19th
Tours to Italy with Cocos to Umbria
Reflections of Italy
Sept 19th - 28th