Tour Italy with the Owner of
Coco's Italian Market
(Carlo) Cinelli
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Day 1 - Depart Nashville from Coco's Italian Market

                                  +  BNA To Rome  +   

Day 2 - Arrive in Rome, Afternoon of leisure time - guided tour or HOP on HOP off bus with Chuck
and our Chef Piero, Welcome dinner.

                           +                                        +                                        +

Day 3  - Breakfast at the hotel, bus ride to Serento, visit with Piero's friends farm, Cheese making
demo during lunch, check into hotel, planned dinner

                                +                                 +                       +                                     +  

Day 4 - Cooking Demo with our Chef Piero at his friends restaurant.  Tour of the town. Then some
leisure time and we will meet again for Apertivos (drinks).  Dinner on your own.

                                 +                                           +                                  +

Day 5 - Breakfast at the hotel,  depart for Amalfi, meet local tour guide.  Spend your time sight seeing
before our group dinner.

                           +                           +                                          +                            +

Day 6 - Amalfi - sail to the Isle of Capri, day of sight seeing with local guide, leisure time and group
lunch.  Boat ride back to Amalfi and dinner on your own.

                   +                                +                                           +                                                                

Day 7 - Amalfi - Ravello Wine Tasting, lunch, Group Dinner

                                   +                                    +                                          

Day 8 - Amalfi to Pompie - Naples site seeing and Group Dinner

                                            +                                                +

Day 9 - Flight home from Naples
Coco’s Next Great  Tour to Italy
Rome - Amalfi Coast   2019 Dates TBA
NOW Booking Trips to Different Regions of Italy 2018 and 2019
Click on each region  for more info
Guided tours to Italy with Coco's Italian Market
Guided Tours to Italy with Coco's Italian Market
Guided Tours to Italy with Coco's Italian Market
Tours to Italy with Cocos to Umbria
Reflections of Italy
Tuscany and Umbrian Countryside
April 2019