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Everyone Loves Italian & Everyone Loves Coco's
Gift Baskets
. artichoke bruschetta (10 oz.)
. traditional breadsticks (4.4 oz.)
. balsamic vinegar spray (8.5 oz.)
. extra virgin olive oil (16.9 oz.)
The Little Italy  $29.95
Do you enjoy authentic Italian appetizers and salads? If
so, the Little Italy collection is for you. This set contains
an array of foods that make small plates exciting,
including Artichoke Bruschetta crafted from nutty, mild
Italian artichokes; long, crispy Traditional Breadsticks;
sweet, intense Balsamic Vinegar in a spray bottle so you
can add just the right touch of flavor to your greens; and
Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the savor of real Italian olives
and the smooth, light texture of a fine first-cold-pressed
oil. Take your friends and family to Little Italy without
leaving home—with the Little Italy collection.
Amor'e  $64.95
The Amore collection is filled with all the things you love—just add your
friends and family to make the evening complete. From the savory, mildly
nutty Artichoke Bruschetta and crunchy Almond Stuffed Olives to the classic
Penne Rigate and perfectly paired Imported Vodka Sauce, this collection
makes entertaining simple, enjoyable and delicious. Break out the pasta pot
and let the evening begin!
∙ artichoke bruschetta (12 oz.)
∙ almond stuffed olives (17 oz.)
∙ balsamic vinaigrette dressing (24.3 oz.)
∙ imported whole clove garlic in oil (5.6 oz.)
∙ traditional breadsticks (4.4 oz.)
∙ penne rigate (1 lb.)
∙ imported vodka sauce (24.3 oz.)
∙ extra virgin olive oil (16.9 oz.)
∙ dipping seasoning, 4 flavors (4 oz.)
∙ roasted red peppers (12 oz.)
Dipping Set  $25.95
Bread dipped in olive oil and seasonings makes a fine appetizer for a festive
meal, or it can be a fun evening all by itself. With the Dipping Set collection,
you have everything you need to enjoy a loaf of good crusty bread in the
company of friends. The set includes four stoneware dipping plates; Extra
Virgin Olive Oil, which shows its well-balanced flavor so well when paired with
bread; and our Dipping Seasoning Spices, a unique jar of four different
traditional Italian spice blends, including garlicky Sicilian, tomato-based
Tuscan, cheese-and roasted-garlic flavored Parmesan and rosemary-garlic
Rosa Maria. This collection has something for everyone—and all super
simple—so come join the dipping party!
∙ extra virgin olive oil (16.9 oz.)
∙ dipping seasoning spices - 4 flavors* (4 oz.)
∙ 4 dipping plates
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